Through a partnership with Cures for California and CloudBurst Recycling Inc., we provide:

  • Recycling, garbage, drop box, organic vegetable matter pick up.
  • New working relationships with the food and oil source–area restaurants.
  • Non-GMO conventional oil for deep fat frying (in reusable, new 5 gallon buckets with a deposit) at comparable prices while charging modest fees for Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) collection. Restaurants are provided and keep a clean 55-gallon barrel with screen and locking lid for storage of WVO on site.
  • Building of affordable Bio-Diesel Processors that are safe and efficient. Units range from a start-up system with a 55-gallon per day production capacity to a custom designed 1000 gallon one and larger .
  • Presentations at high schools, community colleges, universities and businesses.
  • Research and Development of: Biomass Conversion and Alcohol Fuels as a few of the possibilities.
  • Newly added line of: Clean Via biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning, degreasing and solvent products made from biodiesel base.