Oregon Biodiesel Workshop was created to provide a wide range of knowledge and services to the Pacific North West Portland area and beyond. Loren Fennell brings many talents from the building trades of high pressure and purity systems as well and many involvements in the social and environmental arena. The first alternative fuel system built in 1976 by Loren was an 8 inch column still using plans from the “Mother Earth News”, producing 8-gallons of ethyl alcohol per hour in a 4 hour run, for a dairy farmer in the Nehalem Valley.

In a partnership with Loren Fennell and David McMahon, as friends we started by bringing recycling to Portland in 1973. With the birth of Cloud-Burst Recycling, created by David and his wife Michela, that to this day provides a wide range of services of which oil collection is only the beginning.

We started Oregon Biodiesel Workshop on April 1st of 2004 providing restaurants with 55 gallon barrels with built-in screens and educating owners/employees on the benefits of supporting alternative fuel from what was considered “waste” oil. In a relationship that gets our support from restaurants, we provide information, access to workshops, and a solution to a valuable by-product.

Today, many oil collection services are seeing a capital return possibility by doing what the Oregon Biodiesel Workshop, LLC and Portland Oregon’s GoBiodiesel Cooperative have started in the name of environmental and community based organizations.

Loren has help create a “New” group of the most lovely folks in the Hood River area, called the Gorge BioDiesel co-op. Check them out at: www.GorgeBioDiesel@yahoogroups.com

“Two” new groups forming will be coming soon in the Tillamook and Astoria area as well!

SOMETHING NEW! Plus a press release.

On June 4th Loren Fennell and Richard Jones, engineer with Port Of Tillamook Bay, converted a diesel/electric V-16 locomotive engine over to straight vegetable oil (SVO). It sent out a little white puff of smoke with a slight smell of Mamas home cooked bread and purred like a kitten. We took it out for a 1 mile test run. Stay tuned for more!