OREGON BIODIESEL WORKSHOP strives to promote projects through:


Presentations in High Schools, Community Colleges, Universities Businesses and Environmental fairs.


On going 2 hour monthly training’s that inspire and educate one on all the aspects and uses of alternative fuels and appliances start to finish.


Monthly 1 and 2 day “hands on” projects, where we will convert a diesel to run on SVO. Processor design, production and most of all, safety.


Through a partnership with Cures for California and CloudBurst Recycling Inc., providing: recycling, garbage, drop box, organic vegetable matter pick up, WVO collection, and availability of “new” non-GMO conventional grown oil for restaurant deep fat frying use in reusable 5 gal. containers. Newly added line of: Clean Via biodegradable, non- toxic cleaning, degreasing and solvent products and appliances.


For ALL you TDI lovers, a few “very” interested owners and myself, are setting up a group to run SVO. We hope to have meetings and a site just for the purpose of using quality waste vegetable oil. Please join us for this bold new adventure!

Contact me directly with your interest.