Oven Repair Maintenance in Queens, NY

Cleaning your oven cannot only extend the life of your oven, but it can also prevent baked-on messes from creating foul odors in your home or your family’s meals.

Luckily, it’s easy to do and you don’t need a bunch of harsh chemicals. Lots of modern ovens come with a self-clean feature, but that’s not always the most effective, efficient way to clean your oven.

All you really needed is some baking soda paste and some vinegar. All you’ve got to do is mix half a cup of baking soda with three tablespoons of water and then stir that up to make a paste. Next thing you want to do is to remove your oven racks and take a paper towel and remove any large food particles that are burnt sitting at the bottom of your oven.

Then we take our paste and just scrub away. Make sure to get the dirty hard to reach spots and don’t forget the oven door. Let your paste sit anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours, then take a bottle of vinegar and lightly splash it over your paste and wipe it away. So, even after good cleaning, you may find that some stains remain. These won’t affect the life of your oven or the taste of your food. So now, all that’s left to do is replace our oven racks. There you go. Now you can enjoy your clean oven. For more great tips on cleaning your appliances, how to find reputable oven repair in queens NY or how to run your home more efficiently, be sure to subscribe to our channel.

Panasonic NN6750 Microwave Oven Repair in Queens, NY

Oven Repair Problems with Panasonic NN6750 Oven

Hello Youtubers, I’ve got another video for you here on microwave oven repair in Queens, NY. My microwave died. This is my second microwave, another one that’s as ancient as the hills. Almost as old as the other one, this was so old that the white — this was white at one time but due to use and ultraviolet light exposure and heat it’s turned yellow.

This one’s completely dead. As you can see from the date here, this one was made in 1990 another old classic. This one’s gone dead. I’m assuming it’s probably switches that had gone bad, were going to find out. Shall we?

See, we got the side of this unit here, and I’ve done work on this before. I changed that magnetron once, it says LG on it. It’s a Panasonic microwave with an LG magnetron. Very good.

First thing, we’re going to check is we’re going to get our meter out here and we’re going to check the fuse. See whether the fuse is blown. If the fuse is blown then I’ll know to look for short in switches and primary interlock switches.

And that beep tells me that that fuse is not blown. Secondary to the fuse is a thermal cutout. Thermal cutout’s job– oh that magnetron is warm. I bet you the thermal cutout is — what have you been cooking with it? And it shut off and then it wouldn’t start up.

I bet the thermal cutout is kind of open. Well, let’s just put the meter on here and see if it beeps. And it doesn’t beep. So, what that tells me is my thermal cutout has failed. I’m going to screw-in to cool this thing down a bit here and see whether it will reset itself.

Otherwise, I may have to coax it into resetting. Some of these units would reset themselves. Other ones, you actually had to take the thermal cutout apart and pop the little bimetallic strip back by hand. One time, they could be reset but once they trip they wouldn’t reset themselves.

I’m just going to pull this part here and see whether this is self-resetting or whether it’s one I have to reset manually. So in taking out the thermal cut out, this is the one in here, and it does not reset itself. I’ve cooled it down and it’s still open so I have to bend these two little tabs up here on the side and then I’m going to open up the thermal cutout and then I’ll show you how to reset the thing.

This is a little disc that you push with a something, a screwdriver or a something to pop. I’ll show you. Let me get this thing apart and I’ll show you how to do it. So, to open up the thermal cutout, I’ve just bent the tabs up a bit and I just need to pop it out from the holder.

And inside here, this plastic cover is actually an insulator to insulate that protects the switch from shorting out. So we’re just going to remove that for now, and we just have to, the couple of little clips on the side here, we’re just going to have to kind of spread this a little bit and this will pop through, pop down.

And as the switch comes apart you’ll find that there’s a little internal — there’s a little disc inside here, a little plate. And how this works is there’s a little button in here. You see this little button? That button is pressed.

When that button gets pressed, it turns off the switch. It opens the switch. See the contacts there when I press the button? It opens the contacts. So what happens when the disc, when it overheats? This is a bimetallic type strip and it flexes and all you got to do to reset it is to just pop it back in.

You’ll hear a little click when I do it, if you listen. Where is that lens? Okay, here it is. [Clicks] There, that little click? That is now reset, this bimetallic strip to its normal position so it is no longer pressing on that little button.

So then we take the unit, set it back in, place our heat transfer aluminum casing on it, place our insulator on the top again like this, and then once again put the top cover on. Put the little tabs through the little slots on here and we are good to go. Now if I really felt like it I could bend these little tabs over. Maybe I will, just a little bit. They’re not really necessary and if you do them too many times it will break.

It’s just to kind of hold it together. Now I can take the thermal cutout, and I can put it back in the microwave and the unit will work, until it overheats again. So let’s do that, okay? So, I’m mounting the thermal cutout again and realign the screws again. It’s important to make sure that your insulator is in place between the magnetron and the thermal cutout.

One, that provides the electrical insulation from the magnetron itself, but secondly it also reduces the rate of heat transfer because you don’t want the same tripping prematurely, right? So now, we’re going to connect the power leads here again.

And now you see if I take my meter, and I’m still in continuity mode. If touch my meter on here you’ll hear, we have continuity here, the same as on the fuse. So we know that we now have continuity and we can plug the microwave in and we shall have power. Well, there we have it. I can now set the clock on this thing. And that’s good enough for testing. Well, let’s put it on for a couple of seconds and we’re going do here and shut the — I don’t want the thing running full power because I don’t have anything in it but we’ll just put it on for a few seconds here, three seconds that ought to do it. There you go.

The unit is now working and that’s all there is to it. That’s how you fix a microwave that has had the thermal cutout trip. That’s how you reset a non-auto-resetting thermal cutout on a Panasonic microwave. Thanks for watching.

Finding Oven Repair In Queens


Finding quality oven repair in Queens, NY can be quite a task. The city is huge and is getting bigger by the month. One good thing about a large population though is that there are lots of people who have dealt with household appliance repair businesses and can probably tell you what kind of experiences they’ve had. If you’re friendly with your neighbors then that could be one avenue of finding oven repair in Queens.

The list of oven repair businesses in the city of Queens is huge. Whether you do a search engine check or look in the Yellow Pages, there are more than enough to choose from. The trick is, finding a place that is going to be honest with you and can offer the most cost-efficient repair possible. Some appliance repair businesses focus on specific brands, so if you find one that represents your particular brand of oven that may be an avenue to follow.

Call Around and Compare Oven Repair Businesses in queens, ny

Due to the sheer number of companies offering oven repair in Queens, it would be a good idea to call around and get some quotes on your repair. Due to the large possibility that there are several businesses in your vicinity offering the service, it may not be too difficult to check all or most of them out. Personally, I like to call in first to see what the customer service is like before actually walking into the business. This way, at least you know what you might be getting into beforehand. Dealing with a busy company is a good thing – as it lets you know that people trust them – but then again, if the business in question is too busy it could take longer for your oven to be fixed. Having a broken down oven in your home for too long can be pretty inconvenient.

Seek Out Appliance repair Businesses With Good Established Reputations IN QUEENS, NY

I try to pick out businesses which have been in the community for a number of years, as opposed to newer ones which haven’t earned their place yet. Newer businesses tend to drop their prices and fees in order to undercut the larger and more reputable repair services. Be wary of that. Sure, you want a good deal on your oven repair, not wanting to pay through the nose. But sometimes it’s better to pay a bit more when you know you’re getting a quality repair done. Some newer companies tend not to honor full service warranties as well, which can prove to be quite costly to you, the customer.

Does The Company Carry The Parts Needed IN QUEENS, NY?

One of the biggest cost for getting your oven repaired is the parts needed to fix it. Sometimes they’re not needed, as it might be a minor repair. But when parts are needed it’s important to make sure they’re handy. Having them shipped in from other countries can be both expensive and time consuming. Who wants their broken down oven sitting there for weeks, doing nothing?

If you don’t want to buy a brand new appliance, preferring to have your broken unit fixed, it is possible to get a good deal on oven repair in Queens. You just have to do a fair amount of research and networking in order to come out on top.

Finding Quality Oven Repair In Manhattan


How to Find Reputable Oven Repair in Manhattan, NY

Manhattan is quite a luxurious and expensive city, so getting a household appliance repaired can be costly sometimes. Not nearly as pricey as replacing an oven can be though. This would depend on the issues that need to be addressed, of course, but most of the time a person can find a reliable company that provides oven repair in Manhattan.

Upon doing a Google search I ended up with a lot of results of companies offering oven repair in Manhattan. The amount of choices can actually be a bit daunting and to me that means only one thing – time to do some footwork. One of the first tasks I would take on would be to ask around my neighborhood about particular appliance repair companies. Preferably places nearby, as the closer the business is to you the quicker you can get them over to take a look at your oven.

With the population of Manhattan being what it is it’s a good bet most of us have seen an appliance repair person come and go from a residence. I always keep an eye on such scenarios and if I notice the truck out front I either ask the repair person for a business card of write down the company’s phone number written on the side of their vehicle.

Although Manhattan is a pretty big city population wise, it isn’t a huge area. So finding people who have experienced both good and bad service from oven and appliance repair companies isn’t too difficult. Chat with people you’ve been friendly with in the past. If you get the thumbs up on the same company from several different people, Google that company and see if you can find additional information on them. If there are reviews of their service and customer relations, all the better. If there are a lot of positive reviews, give them a call.

Now, to me, talking to someone on the phone isn’t the same as speaking with them in person. So while the phone call may go well, it might be in your best interest to take a trip down to the appliance repair shop or main office and have a chat with someone. Tell them exactly what is wrong with your oven and ask how soon someone can come to your home and take a look at it. It isn’t usual if you are asked to bring your oven in, so be wary of that. This has happened to me in the past.

Do Repair Price Comparisons IN MANHATTAN, NY

Like most other appliance repair scenarios, it’s best to call a few companies and compare prices and fees for getting your oven repaired. Service warranties are great and all, but if your oven is a certain age it may not be completely covered under warranty. Or, not at all. In some case, it might be cheaper to fix an old oven rather than buy a new one. The resolutions can vary from situation to situation. Just like the cost of oven repair may vary quite a bit from company to company. You won’t know until you call and find out.

Finding good oven repair in Manhattan will take some work on your part. There are a lot of places to check out and some will be better than others. Make sure your oven can be fixed properly and if it’s covered under warranty, all the better. Good luck!

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